Thoughts Before Being A Father

I don’t know why I do stare at a toddler running to his father stretching his two little hands.

I’ve never tried to know why it happens to me that whenever I notice an intimate engagement of a father with his child, a thought occurs in my mind what’ll happen in case of me ? I know only one thing that my child will be my friend.        Screenshot_2018-02-13-12-09-25     “Father “, ” dad”,”papa” whatever it is, this kind of words have some touching pleasure in themselves. After his office when a father arrives home and his child hurriedly runs to enter into his lap to tell all the happening of the day and even what his mother has done with him is much more charming than a fairy tale.

I’m going to be a father after five months. From now I can feel within me some vibration which is shaking my mind. Without doubt I can boldly say that this vibration is no way less than the unknown sensation that a new mother feels.

Now I’m calling my father “papa” and how I will feel when my child will call me papa. Oh !sooooo…..exciting sensation….

This excitement ends up also a stress(?) Whether I’m sexually able to be a father or not. This new satisfaction within us gives a fulfillment of manhood and let us know that I do possess the sexual productive power. Being a father is also a huge success of human life everyone longs for.

I could not keep myself away from having the sense of this kind of great excitement even though we decided earlier not to have child before at least two years of our marriage. But, sorry…… I want to be a father now. It has been eight months of our marriage. I want to be called “papa”.

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