Dying Happily !!!!!

Screenshot_2018-02-12-21-14-00Shocked !!dying happily ? Throw away happiness.. Main thing is who wants to die ? Death is far away from happiness. But …. death is itself an art and art always carries happiness. Then why death doesnot carry happiness at all ? How to die happily ? Yeah, surly ! One can die happily unconditionally. No matter how much he is sin.

Just feel the moment when you are lying on death bed and you have only few last moments. Your relatives are crying bitterly seeing you in the mouth of death. Just feel you are trying to tell them something, but you can’t move your lips. Don’t scream now Only remember you want to die happily. Say yourself enthusiasticly “what a life was” and see the magic. At that moment you’ll totally forget death and will feel happy from your soul. Unbelievable !! Try this even once and feel the happy death.

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